About WFS
Worldwide Fabric Service: WFS Cashmere is a messenger who always spreads healthy and fashionable attitude towards life. We produce knitwear with natural fibers, mainly in 100% cashmere, and also work with blend cashmere including wool, cotton and silk. Variety of colors, gauges and pattern are available. 
Specifically, for gauges, we have 5gg 7gg 12gg 16gg to meet different requirements of seasons and more than 100 colors are supplied. Also, we provide patterns such as tie-dye, digital print, embroidery, double face, brushed cashmere etc. 
The factory section is well equipped with modern machines including computer flat knitting machines, sewing and linking machines, embroidering machines and key button hole machines etc. More than 10,000 pieces are available per month. Generally, we export around 100,000 pieces finished products to Europe, America and other countries each year. Clients mainly distributed in Italy, USA and Germany. 
WFS cashmere makes uniquely gentle against the skin!